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Our Collections

Furnart offers a comprehensive product line consisting of:

The Ben Stephani

This refers to the furniture that has the old Italian nature and style. It was inspired by the startup partner who was also an Italian designer. These lines are to attract the older generation with taste and preference for the Italian style/designs or the English designs and the sophistication that comes with such designs

The Elegant

This line comprises furniture that fall between the Ben Stephani and the contemporary. At its core, elegance is the characteristic of being “graceful and stylish in appearance or manner”. Elegance is attractive, mature, and sophisticated while still being approachable. Elegance, particularly in design and personal style, is one of the first qualities that outsiders notice, and elegance certainly causes a favorable and lasting first impression.

The contemporary

The line portrays what is trending. Simply put, contemporary at its core refers to things “of the moment”, the current thinking and design of furniture. In this section, the products are designed to meet the current designs and styles of clients.

Olmstead Collections

For special sculpted designs from the Managing Director. These are carved pieces that take special skill and attention to design. Olmstead Sculptured chairs, Olmstead sculptured bar stool, the sculpted dining set and natural edge pieces etc.

Furnart Essentials

The Essentials by Furnart refers to the special jobs done for real estate developers in the country. It ranges from doors to windows, wardrobes, bed, cabinets etc.